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Retrieval Practice Resources - How we use them.

The Brain Dump

brain dump(1)

Brain Dumps are a knowledge recall task. This is a good example of a low effort, high impact task for our children to complete.

We would usually ask children to complete this task at the beginning of a lesson to see what they can remember about previous knowledge.

Cops & Robbers


This task combines both retrieval practice and communication skills.

The cops column is for children to write what they already know about a subject. Once the children have finished this section [usually after about 3-4 minutes] they are then asked to look at a few of their peers ideas about the subject and swap and share them with each other. This links in well with our learning muscles of collaboration and imitating.

The Picture Prompt


The picture promt is a very good tool for using with our younger children because you don't necessarily need to ask the children to write information down - you can record their thoughts and ideas on this prompt.

Our older children like using these as their teachers would often include pictures to prompt their answers from previous sessions. These children are able to write as much as they can about a particular aspect in whatever subject that they are studying.

Relay Race


This task is designed to promote  retrieval but also stretch and challenge students to remember as much information as they can, as well as collaborating with others. 

The idea of the Relay Race is to write as much of the information that you can remember from previous learning then pass the activity onto another person or group who will then add more information with no repetition each time it is passed on

This is just a selection of resources that we use to support the children with knowing more and remembering more. If you would like these or any other resources then please do get in touch with Mr Logue at d.logue@corpuschristi.bham.sch.uk and he will be happy to supply these to you.

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