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Our Daily Prayers

Morning Offering(1)
Grace before meals(1)
Grace after meals(1)
evening prayer(1)

Our Class Prayers

It is important for our chidlren to learn the traditional prayers of the Catholic Church. As you scroll down the page you will see a range of these prayers that each year group will focus on. These are said each day at the beginning of the school day and in the afternoon.

In our first year at Corpus Christi we learn two traditional prayers; Hail Mary and The Our Father

hail mary - rec
our father - rec

In Year 1 we pray to remind us of God's love for us and how he sends us people to look after us.

glory be - y1
angel of god - y1

In Year 2 we pray for our faith and for those who have died.

Act of Faith Y2(2)
eternal rest y2(1)

In Year 3 we devote our prayers to Our Lady and to express sorrow for our sins.

angelus y3(1)
act of contrition - y3

The Angelus is a devotion that reminds us of the Angel Gabriel's annunciation to Mary, Mary's decree, the Incarnation and Our Lord's passion and resurrection.

The act of Contrition reminds us to examine our conscience and to say sorry for any sins we may have been responsible for.

In Year 4 we pray for hope and love in our lives, communities and the wider world.

hope - y4(3)
love - y4(3)

In Year 5 we pray for God's love for us and for Vocations to the Religious, Married and Single Life.

magnificat - y5a(3)
Vocations y5(1)

In Year 6 we pray for the Holy Spirit to enter our lives and that the intercession of Our Lady fulfills our daily needs.

holy spirit - y6(1)
hail, holy queen- y6(1)
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